Getting the Job Done: Do You Need a Project Manager?

How do you know when you need a project manager?

In business, goals are routinely set, technology is adopted or adapted, and projects are developed to grow and maintain the enterprise. You may already employ project managers or workers with strong project management skills. Effective project managers are essential in an economy moving toward lean management and better profitability.

Either reactively or responsively, all projects are managed. Consider some advantages of using trained project or program managers:

  • Managing scope: An experienced project manager helps you identify and maintain scope. Scope describes the project and the resources, time and budget needed to successfully meet objectives. Scope creep is a common condition, especially in design environments, where organic change can derail the project plan and path. Your project manager defines, contains and promotes the defined scope of a project.
  • Leadership: As the hub of a project, the project manager is the point of contact for all stakeholders and directs the endeavor with seasoned, knowledgeable leadership. Project management is the science of effective process management coupled with the dynamic art of bridging and promoting human relations and productivity.
  • Resource management: In addition to promoting a sense of ownership among team members and stakeholders, project managers directly manage budget, timeline and resources. This includes recognition and exploitation of project uncertainty to meet and support the scope of the project.

Many firms and enterprises build projects on the fly or rely on one or two people to overextend themselves to bring a project to fruition. Neither of these options is cost efficient, creates predictability, or makes the best use of resources.

All projects require management. If you do not already employ experienced project managers, an external project manager can reduce overhead and speed completion and implementation of your project. If you want to get the job done right—rely on project management professionals.

When you have questions about the project management process or the benefits of outsourced managers in local, national or international settings, talk to us. The consultation is always free.

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