Our Promise

Professional Project Management You Can Trust

Local or international process solutions to meet your budget and your timeline

With a reputation for delivering results on time and within budget, Project Management Consultants International (PMCI) provides the knowledge and leadership you need to succeed.

Whether you are a small business looking to outsource, or a multi-national facing complex process factors, we can help. From stakeholder management to planning your deliverable, our experienced project managers offer accurate assessments, proven methodologies and strategic leadership.

Understanding that vision and organizational culture differ, we take time to assess and discuss the factors and unique challenges of your project as we roll out the development process.

When you outsource with PMCI, the value of our commitment shows in the proficiency of the manager who works with your company. Our specialists offer scalable expertise attuned to your project, program or portfolio.

Reach your objective with an experienced project manager

When you are looking for success, choose PMCI. Through skilled process management, we identify business operations that best suit your ecosystem and objective. By rapid alignment to goals, and nimble response to gaps, you are assured effective management of your project and budget. Our project managers scope, schedule, manage risk and monitor quality to plan and execute projects in an efficient and timely manner.

Clear and consistent client communication is a key differentiator of PMCI. Working with executives, teams, work groups, clients or vendors, our project managers coordinate and maintain a steady flow of informative communication to help keep projects moving forward.

Our promise? Excellence in project management

Your project goals are our results. When you work with PMCI, our project managers deliver:

  • Thorough readiness assessment
  • Comprehensive planning, executing, monitoring, process design and support
  • Approachable, authoritative leadership
  • Integrated resource and project management
  • Responsive, effective time and cost management
  • Process feedback and appropriate closure

Outsourcing with a professional project management company means you benefit from specialized, experienced managers when and where you need them. Count on PMCI for effective, affordable project management. Contact us today.