Strategic Guidance to Maximize Your Resources and Budget

Comprehensive project management consulting services for local and global enterprise

Project Management Consultants International (PMCI) offers an array of project management consulting services to help you achieve successful results and enhance your business efficiency.

To assist with project planning, we develop a readiness assessment to recommend a realistic course of action for your organization. Our skilled project managers analyze your present structure and determine the services needed to optimize processes so you can accomplish your defined outcomes.

At PMCI, we develop strategies to promote effective project, program and portfolio management. When you outsource with us, we deliver:

  • Collaboration
  • Guidance
  • Transformation
  • Results

Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants help you envision the future impact of each decision. We formulate industry-specific solutions to meet and exceed your technical and economic expectations. Our services include:

  • Portfolio management: Our portfolio managers offer you critical support to balance and prioritize programs and projects that form the backbone of your organizational strategy. We offer integrated, experienced service at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.
  • Program management: Distinct from project management, PMCI program managers offer organizational support to help you recognize and reach higher-level goals and business efficiencies. Adept at working with stakeholders and your executive team, we also help bridge the distance between projects that fuel programs, and programs created to carry out short- or long-term transition.
  • Project management: Project management consulting differs from both program and portfolio management. Our project management experts deliver authoritative guidance and leadership throughout the life cycle of your project. We implement and adjust structure throughout the development process, and actively address gaps in goals and timelines to produce defined deliverables on time and budget. We deliver approachable, informed leadership and maintain responsive communications throughout our tenure with your team.
  • Consulting services: From managing software implementation to onboarding healthcare claims processing, our firm offers across-the-board management consulting services to small and large business entities across the country and around the globe. For scalable, affordable project management in your unique field of service, PMCI offers skilled, friendly help.

With PMCI, your project, program or portfolio is effectively managed by experienced professionals without the need for in-house training or budget investment in a permanent hire. Contact PMCI today for the leadership assistance you need tomorrow.