Should you Outsource Your Project Management?

You have a brisk timeline and a high-priority business project. Team members from different departments work pretty well together, but you do not employ a full-time project manager. Is it time to outsource?

American and global business processes changed in response to the Great Recession. Businesses of all sizes cut costs and staff. Freelance workers, some of whom displaced permanent employees, now form an adjusted workforce offering skilled, scalable business services—on a contract basis.

Experienced, external project managers offer superb value across the business landscape. Consider these advantages:

  • Expertise: Outsourcing your project management allows you to choose the right manager for the right project. Time and budget is not needed to develop talent from within, or retain it after the project is concluded.
  • Scalability: You can quickly bring in a project manager to initiate, administer and implement your project. Scale-up time is minimal. For businesses with large projects on tight timelines, involving outsourced project managers is an effective solution.
  • Cost: While delivering organizational efficiencies, external project management saves you money on long-term overhead costs.

No option is without a potential downside. Issues around hiring a contract project manager could include:

  • Hiring the wrong manager for the project: Fit is important. Be sure candidates have the education and experience you need. Check references and ensure you are hiring the financial, technical and analytical skills you need.
  • Weak links: Bridging the distance between people and processes is an important skill and personal quality of an accomplished project manager. Onboard a project manager who is capable and comfortable with your project and personnel.
  • Understanding corporate culture: A contract project manager has no knowledge of political fault lines in your organization. A project manager without adequate leadership skills may fail to exploit that objectivity. Be sure you hire an experienced, knowledgeable project manager.

When assembling your project team, an outsourced project manager delivers expertise without the expense of a full-time hire. If you have questions about outsourcing a qualified project manager for your project, speak with PMCI.

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