Why Choose PMCI?

The Right Project Managers Save You Time and Money

Reliability and results are the PMCI Difference

At Project Management Consultants International (PMCI), our two-decade history of success is based on meeting the project goals, timelines and budgets of our clients. Whether you need local or global project management, we are committed to providing the clear guidance required to achieve your objectives and facilitate forward movement for your company.

Businesses of all sizes face challenges carrying out their strategic goals. PMCI project managers deliver thought leadership to help you reach your goals and benefit from time and cost efficiencies.

When considering a project management consulting firm, take a look at what sets PMCI apart:

  • Informed Action: Many companies implement planning processes without effectively evaluating overall project feasibility. At PMCI, we conduct a readiness assessment to help you evaluate your project. By studying your company culture, costs and benefits, we offer you informed guidance before initiating any project.
  • Experience: Our project managers have significant experience across a wide range of industries from computing and telecommunications to health care administration, manufacturing, engineering, architecture, construction and financial services.
  • Knowledge: PMCI offers services that incorporate industry-wide best practices and methodologies. We offer you a wealth of experience and training based on decades of successful project management.
  • Dedication: We thrive on organizing, planning and leading your project to successful completion.
  • Good return on your investment: PMCI clients enjoy a high return on their investment through deliverables that include:
    • Greater organizational and budget control
    • Outsourced project managers reduce overhead and cut the cost of new hires
    • Faster, more efficient project implementation
    • Successful completion of defined projects

Why choose PMCI?

When you choose PMCI, you choose reliable, responsive project management. Whether you are interested in global project management or human resources help for your business or enterprise, outsourcing with PMCI saves you time and money. Call us today.